Laser Surgery

Animal Health Care Center is pleased to offer the most advanced veterinary surgical procedures, including laser surgery. Dr. Dunlap and Dr. Wood both recommend using a laser for surgery whenever possible, as our laser offers numerous benefits over traditional scalpel surgery. The laser is generally less painful, as the heat from the laser seals nerve endings as it cuts. Less bleeding occurs when our capable doctors use a surgical laser. As the laser makes the incision, it also cauterizes blood vessels, resulting in less blood loss. The laser also makes infection after the surgery less likely, as the heat kills bacteria on contact. Finally, recovery time is generally much faster due to the reduced pain and bleeding associated with laser surgery.

Laser surgery can be used in many procedures including growth removal, spays and neuters, entropion surgery, feline declaws, soft palate resection, and stenotic nare resections. If your pet is facing a surgical procedure, ask one of our caring team members if laser surgery is appropriate for your furry family member.