Reproductive Services

The doctors at Animal Health Care Center have years of successful experience in the area of reproduction. Our doctors work with breeders to ensure safe, healthy and profitable litters. We can provide semen collection from males and insemination for females whether it is through surgery or insertion. Our staff will monitor the health of the mother throughout her pregnancy and address any issues that may arise from carrying a litter. Once it is time to deliver, Dr. Dunlap or Dr. Wood can either perform the delivery in-house or insure that you as the owner have all the information needed to ensure a safe delivery process. In some cases, cesarean sections (also known as c-sections) are needed and those must be performed within our surgical suite. Once your pet has delivered her litter, a full checkup will be completed. Vaccinations will be administered when the litter reaches the proper age. If you are interested in breeding or have a pregnant pet please call Animal Health Care Center to set up an appointment.