In-Clinic Diagnostics

One of the most important tools in veterinary medicine is a diagnostic laboratory. In the past, blood work had to be sent off to a laboratory, and results may not have been back for several days. At the Animal Health Care Center, we have the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in veterinary medicine. Our experienced staff has the ability to run blood chemistries, complete blood counts (CBC), and electrolyte values in our practice. Our equipment returns your pet’s blood work in less than 20 minutes, enabling our doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment right away.

Complete blood counts (CBC) determine the amount of red and white cells, as well as platelets present in each blood sample we run. CBC’s can indicate a number of issues; for example, low white cell counts can indicate leukemia or improper bone marrow production. High white counts may indicate infection. High red cell counts may indicate dehydration, while low counts may mean an animal is anemic.

Blood chemistry values indicate the level of organ function in a pet. The analyzers at Animal Health Care Center can determine if your pet’s liver, kidney and pancreas are functioning properly.

Blood testing is needed prior to any surgical procedure, even in the case of a young animal, to help insure the pet is healthy enough for the anesthesia and surgery. Blood work is also important as our furry family members begin to age, as our experienced veterinarians are often able to diagnose issues earlier for more effective treatment. Finally, any time a pet is sick, the laboratory at the Animal Health Care Center is able to quickly provide diagnostic values which mean faster treatment if necessary.

Whether your pet is facing a surgical procedure, is sick, or beginning to age, you can count on the compassionate doctors and advanced diagnostic laboratory at the Animal Health Care Center in Waynesboro. Call one of our caring team members to set an appointment for your furry family member today.