Heartworm Testing

According to the American Heartworm Association, the number of heartworm positive cases continues to rise, especially in hot and humid portions of the United States, including Virginia. Heartworm prevention medication for dogs and cats are extremely effective, and are the best opportunity to insure your pet remains free of heartworm disease. However, if you have forgotten to give your pet their heartworm preventative or you have recently adopted a pet of unknown heartworm preventative status, the doctors at the Animal Health Care Center can use a diagnostic test to determine in minutes whether or not your pet has heartworm disease.

As with many conditions seen at the Animal Health Care Center, prevention of heartworms is much more effective and less costly than their treatment. Drs. Dunlap and Wood attend numerous lectures and seminars each year surrounding the best heartworm preventatives available, and make sure our pharmacy is fully-stocked with only the safest and most effective heartworm preventatives. Call one of our compassionate staff at 540-943-2273 to schedule heartworm testing for your pet today!